Why is Boston-MA the best place to live?

Why is Boston-MA the best place to live?

This question is apparently simple but, got me thinking, I was going to say Switzerland but, the quality of life there is good but too much expensive, so I’ll say USA more specifically Boston-Massachusetts it’s a really good place to live and study. People around the world go to study in Massachusetts because of the university there MIT, and the security there is really good the most part of Brazilian people who live in USA is in Massachusetts, because the job there pay more than other states and don’t pay taxes for food is a really good point, because here in Brazil we pay like 13% of taxes of total value each purchase.

Back to USA, another good point is that they don’t require experience for simple work, you just have to want get a work. Everyone says that in USA healthcare is too expensive but at least in Massachusetts they have a program for Immigrants who just arrived. If you prove you earn equal or low than U$D 50.000 annual you can do part of the program for a really low price.

The negative point is there is more difficult to take the VISA and stay there for a long time and is expensive, so you have to save money because you’re going to need it. When you going to rent a place to stay is much easier if you’re single rent just a bedroom, but this require too much more research because you have to feel safe in there and have to be a person that you trust, because you’re going to live together, for a couple or a whole family is just rent a house is the easier and comfortable way.


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