The childhood is the best time of our life

The childhood is the best time of our life

The childhood is the best time of our life

When we talk about the childhood of old people and we just think of games and old foods we don´t look at the whole such as what really has changed like, the mentality of kids 50 years ago and of kids nowadays.

If we compare some things of childhood of today, we observe how not only kids has changed but how the most new parents have changed because in my opinion the things like the ease of information of internet, TV, standards instituted by society and psychological trauma has lived by parents make it difficult to the kids can really have a childhood like 50 years ago.

For me it´s sorrowful, because the kids of nowadays are never going understand what is really fun without preoccupation and other people intentions that unfortunately exist, and it’s extremely difficult to trust in someone because of so much drugs, bad people and now, this disease called coronavirus that’s really very difficult having a good childhood. But I think that the parents can help the children having a serviceable childhood and not only give a cellphone in child’s hands and also let the children see what they want but inspire them with old games or several others terrific things .

“For we have a big future we need invest in childhood”.

Eduardo Bonfim

Publicado em: 26/Aug/2021 - 17:15:56

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