Only one place can’t bear your happiness. Which is your place?

Only one place can’t bear your happiness. Which is your place?

Which is your place?

In our world we have so many places, with so many diversity, everywhere is different, and all of this stays in our Earth, so why can we experience all of this?

In my opinion everyone is a free soul, trying to find your place, but this place that I’m looking for isn’t just a piece of land, has not to do about the political, the rules, or the weather, but the experience, meet a new people, see this little planet in a different perspective.

All of this is a dream, a dear dream, of course for doing this it’s necessary so much money, imagine, there isn’t a specific place for living, if you wanna you could change of a country every month.

What I wanna say has not do about to be a Trump and stay in an eternal vocation, nor what I wanna talk is about freedom, and your limit, the majority of us already thought of traveling the world, but there are infinits problems to prevent it.

Although think, “what can I make for my dreams come true?”, if you have this mindset you can instigate your mind to solve the problem.

However, I don’t believe that there is a specific place for us, it’s about people for me, share knowledge, opinions and experience, I belive that we don’t know our real capacity for doing the things, and we stop before starting, don’t get stuck in a place, think different, think big, you just have one life for living, so don’t give up in the middle of the way.

Felipe Gabriel Pereira | Advanced Student 

Publicado em: 05/Nov/2021 - 14:20:36

A nossa missão é criar uma Comunidade de Comunicadores de Inglês e Espanhol através de aulas presenciais e on-line, demostrando a todos os brasileiros, principalmente os que nunca imaginaram ser capazes, que é possível Aprender a se Comunicar nesses idiomas em Curto Tempo, Baixo Investimento, com Naturalidade, Eficácia e Oportunidade de vivênciar o idioma estudado no exterior. Gerando assim, total satisfação com o novo idioma adquirido, colaborando na realização educacional, pessoal e profissional do ser humano e consequentemente com o desenvolvimento do nosso país.

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