Currently Norway is the best place in the world to live, with its pleasant cold climate, comfortable houses with rustic themes, the country is increasingly attractive to live.

Norwegian architecture is recognized worldwide since the early Vikings, arts, estates and artists, such as musicians, actors, scholars, among others, are spread around the world, this shows the quality of education in the country.

One of the biggest awards in the world, the Nobel, is awarded in the city of Oslo, making it a place to be visited by scientific eyes. The culture is very large, the historical part makes the famous Vikings in the Northumbrian era, who invaded Europe in the century.

Ninth century, there are several museums around the country portraying such feat of Scandinavians.

The cold there is intense at certain times of the year and the population tends to keep a space between them, never disrespecting their personal space.

                Finally, the country is great in many ways, however like every country it has things to improve, but it is ahead of many countries around the world.

Guilherme Gomes | Advanced Student

Publicado em: 19/Aug/2021 - 12:53:51

A nossa missão é criar uma Comunidade de Comunicadores de Inglês e Espanhol através de aulas presenciais e on-line, demostrando a todos os brasileiros, principalmente os que nunca imaginaram ser capazes, que é possível Aprender a se Comunicar nesses idiomas em Curto Tempo, Baixo Investimento, com Naturalidade, Eficácia e Oportunidade de vivênciar o idioma estudado no exterior. Gerando assim, total satisfação com o novo idioma adquirido, colaborando na realização educacional, pessoal e profissional do ser humano e consequentemente com o desenvolvimento do nosso país.

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