If you could choose any place in the world, where would you live?

If you could choose any place in the world, where would you live?

If you could choose any place in the world, where would you live?

There are some amazing places to live around the world, where it is has good conditions to raise a family, works that pay a good wages and it is possible to have more stability. On the other side, there are some another countries who it is not look like those know as “first world countries”. But the people who live there can have a good life, if they work and study a lot, in the middle of this situation it is necessary to consider what is more important for each person, because even having a good condition not all people have courage to change the place who live and leave their family.

            In my case, I already to consider living in another country, like United States of America, Canada, Switzerland or Ireland, but when I really stopped to think about that I could not leave my family here, and mainly my animals, because, as we know, it is very difficult to take the animals for another country, there are many bureaucracies. I also have a problem of health that I need a more attention about this and in Brazil, we have a free system of this, like the hospital and the high cost pharmacy, where I take my medicine once a month that costs almost five thousand reals for needle.

            I have never being in a different country yet and from that I decide that I don’t need to live out of Brazil to have a good life, because I have a wonderful life here, with each person who makes part of my life and decide to choose another options keeping my dreams and  to know some places. Even I did not leave in another place I can go there and do an exchange in this case, I will walk and it will be possible to know the culture, to leave there for some weeks or maybe some months.

            Finally, when the people make this choice they need to consider any factors because it is a huge decision and probably the life as you are used to it will be very different. In my case, I decided to live here and now I do not have any desire to leave my life I just want to have good experiences and opportunity to travel and knowing another countries and different places.

Flávia Duarte - Advanced student

Publicado em: 31/Aug/2021 - 11:38:42

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